YouTube Updates it’s Mobile App for Android and iOS users to get New Gestures and Playback Controls

YouTube has recently announced that it is updating its mobile apps with a handful of new enhancements and features that should make viewing and controlling videos a bit easier. However, the YouTube mobile app which includes a new gesture for switching to a full-screen view, updated playback controls, and the video chapters feature, and much more.

The American Online Video sharing platform’s first of the enhancements is to the recently launched Video Chapter feature that lets developers segment videos into parts for effortless viewing and is also adding a nifty new list view for chapters that lists them all with preview thumbnails that let users effortlessly navigate to their wanted section of the video.

Additionally, there is a bundle of enhancements to the video player itself, and an icon to toggle closed captions is a new present on the player, saving users the effort of navigating to the menu and turning them on. Moreover, another addition is the ability to switch between elapsed time and a countdown timer for the video timestamp by directly tapping on it.

YouTube is also introducing new enhanced gesture controls to give the views more control over the videos and users can now swipe up on the player to enter or exit full screen, just like the swipe down gesture to toggle out of the full-screen view.

Moreover, YouTube will now start suggesting actions to users that will show up at the bottom to prompt users to rotate their screens or use the VR view, depending on the video.

Lastly, the American online video sharing platform company ‘YouTube’ says that it is working to add more suggestions in the future.

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