WhatsApp May Soon Permit its Users to Ingress a WhatsApp Account from Four Devices at the Same Time



WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow you to use your WhatsApp account on different devices at the same time. And now it seems that WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow the users to use their WhatsApp account from 4 devices at the same time. Basically, sync the same account linked at the same SIM. However, there is no clarity that how this multi-device support will tackle privacy and security concerns.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo, the online portal that keeps a track of all the upcoming features and changes on WhatsApp, has claimed in a tweet that the feature is under development, therefore may not be visible for the beta users of the app (both iOS and Android). The tweet also includes a screenshot that suggests that the app will require Wi-Fi to sync data across devices.

Currently, users cannot stay logged in on multiple devices with the same WhatsApp account. However, if a person logs into their WhatsApp account on another device, they can only do so for one device and get logged out from all the other devices that they try to sign into.

Moreover, it was revealed in a previous Android version v2.20.143, of the Facebook-owned app that on the primary registration screen, the app asks users to switch to Wi-Fi as “without Wi-Fi, logging in may be slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan.”

Last month, in the android beta version 2.20.152 of WhatsApp, a feature called ‘Linked devices’ was dotted that basically will be used in the future to link the multiple devices. The users will see a message that reads, “WhatsApp on other devices, once this feature is rolled out.  Send or receive messages from your browser computer on the Facebook portal. Also, right below the message, there will be a green button with a description ‘link a new device.’

Besides, no other details have been shared yet about the feature and we can only wait for more updates to find how exactly the feature would allow users to use their WhatsApp account across different devices. Readers must note that by the time the feature is rolled out, it may go through several other changes, and in the end, it may appear different. Also, there are no details about its official release date is out yet.

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