Virgin Hyperloop Accomplishes a Significant Milestone as it carries out First Journey with Human Passengers

The American transportation technology company that works to commercialize the high-speed technology concept ‘Virgin Hyperloop’ reported that for the first time it has conducted a test of its ultra-fast transportation system with human passengers.

However, Virgin Hyperloop marked a significant milestone and the mode of transport was first proposed by Elon Musk in 2012, which is a system of tubes through which a pod could travel at high speeds of up to 600-plus miles per hour.

On Sunday afternoon, the test took place at the firm’s DevLoop test track in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada, and the first two passengers were Virgin Hyperloop’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian (head of the passenger experience).

Besides, it is an important achievement for Virgin Hyperloop and the system is intended to eventually allow a journey of up to 670mph with the technology using electric propulsion, with a magnetic levitation creating low pressure within the tube which is in near-vacuum conditions.

CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, Jay Walder said that this is a full scale, working Hyperloop that is not just going to run in a vacuum environment but is going to have a person in it. However, no one has come close to doing it. He also said ‘No one has done anything close to what we are talking about right now’.

Moreover, the DevLoop test track is 500 meters long and 300 meters in diameter and it is situated about 30 minutes from Las Vegas. The organization says that it has conducted over 400 tests on that track but never before with human passengers prior to today.

Furthermore, the company said it is not the only one in the race to build the first ‘Virgin Hyperloop’ but it is the first one to transport passengers.

Additionally, the futuristic Hyperloop transport system in the United Kingdom could bring down journey time across the country with a trip from Edinburgh to London cut to just 29 minutes.

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