The Latest iOS 13.5.1 Jailbreak Repaired by Apple



Apple has released iOS 13.5.1 to the people which the company says “provide important security updates” and is recommended for all the users. As noted by “Apple software Updates twitter account”, the update is meant to patch out kernel vulnerability used by the RECENT UNCOVER JAILBREAK. It is a security vulnerability that allowed hackers to build a jailbreak tool allowing deep access to the iPhone software.

Even though the details of the vulnerability are not yet public, Apple generally works rapidly to patch vulnerabilities that allow jailbreaks, fearing that the same could also be abused by venomous hackers.

Moreover, Jailbreaking is a popular way to allow users to break free from Apple’s jail hence Apple has does this to improve device security and to reduce the surface area in which hackers can attack the software. But the JailBreakers say breaking through those restrictions allow them greater customization over their iPhones in a way that most Android users are already used to, TechCrunch confirmed.

Also besides, the security experts are advising the users to install their software and devices as soon as the update becomes available as the jailbreaking can expose a device owner to a greater span of attacks. The Operating system (iOS) 13.5.1 also comes with other improvements and bug fixes.

To update your iPhone to the latest iOS 13.5.1, go to the settings. Select General and then tap on the Software Update.

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