Tesla to Start Developing A 12-Seater Electric Van for Airport Tunnels for The Boring Company



Tesla is to start developing a 12-seater electric van for the southern California airport connector project and will work with Elon Musk’s the Boring Company (TBC) to build a high-speed underground tunnel. Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company that specializes in electric vehicle manufacturing and battery energy storage form home to grid-scale.

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority approved a connector line between Rancho Cucamonga with the Ontario International Airport. Moreover, the annual passenger traffic was roughly 5.6 million flyers last year, rising about 10 percent per year from a low of nearly 4 million flyers in 2013.

A county supervisor said that the new system would work with Elon musk’s electric car company Tesla to develop 12-seater electric vans. However, the proposal is for a 2.8 mile- long tunnel that would move riders at 127 mph in electric vehicles and the projected $60 million project is expected to carry 1,200 people per day to the airport and back

The Boring Company recently completed a stretch of tunnel in Las Vegas for the same high-speed Loop system, but that one will transport visitors around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the years, Musk has alluded to an electric van or larger-capacity vehicle, as electric pointed out.

Meanwhile, The Electric Vans come after The Boring Company originally visualized special vehicles for its high-speed tunnel system. In the United States (U.S) there are around 500,000 commercial vans sold each year and when GM recently announced its intentions in the EV commercial van space, the Detroit automaker called out Tesla specifically,

Besides, Tesla has a long list of other projects to complete, but if the Ontario Airport Loop goes ahead as discussed, we won’t be surprised to see a white van rising from the earth around Rancho Cucamonga playing ice cream truck music and offering free hugs.

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