Reliance Jio Brings out a New Web Browser called ‘JioPages’ with Encrypted Connection

Reliance Jio has recently introduced a Made-in-India new web browser called ‘JioPages’ which uses the Chromium Blink engine while keeping privacy at the core of the browser. The web browser comes with a bundle of features including localized news content curation, Emoji domain support, a smart download manager, incognito browsing and encrypted connection.

In a statement Reliance Jio said, the new web browser Jiopages is built on the powerful Chromium Blink engine and it provide an enhanced browsing experience through faster engine migration, web page rendering, faster page loads and efficient media streaming. The web browser also provides support for eight Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

The telecommunication company states that the new mobile web-browser has been conceptualized and designed entirely in India and it can be installed via Google Play Store. The organization, however, does not seem to have launched the iOS variant of the browser as of now and can currently be installed on Android smartphones only. Customers can also select the app languages as well as set-up their regional preferences from different states.

Moreover, the key features of the web-browser except for the regional languages support and content curation, include a PIN-locked Incognito Mode and a Built-in Adblock Plus. The users will have the choice to select a default search engine where they get various alternatives like Yahoo, Google, Bling, Duck Duck Go and JioPages. They can also select a dark mode theme for the web-browser and will also have the ability to choose custom themes for the browser.

Although, Reliance Jio’s new web-browser called JioPages has been designed and produced in India but its underlying Chromium Blink Engine has been developed with beneficence from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Opera Software, Adobe Systems, and others.

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