Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is bringing xCloud to iOS through the web

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer (gaming boss) is working on a “direct browser-based solution” to bring xCloud to iOS via the web prompt next year. On Wednesday, the gaming boss told the employees in a meeting that the company is planning to bring the game pass to Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Moreover, Microsoft has been developing a version in these devices, besides continuing its work on an app that it hopes will finally run on Apple’s platform.

Amazon recently announced the Luna cloud gaming service which will be available for the Apple users through the web and worked with the safari team to turn up the PWA version of Luna that will be focused on the iPhone and iPad. So, apparently, Microsoft seems to have been influenced by the company’s ideas and plans to follow a similar route.

Apple declared new App Store guidelines addressing game streaming services, which were not allowed on the App store, last month. Streaming games are now allowed, as long as developers submit each game to the App store as separate apps in compliance with all the guidelines, says the company. Later, Microsoft condemned Apple for its decision, asserting that these restrictions lead to a bad experience for customers.

Last month, Microsoft added a key new feature to Game Pass that gives Xbox and PC gamers to ingress a vast catalog of games to its Netflix style subscription service.

Report says Phil Spencer said that streaming with game pass would come to Windows 10 PCs next year as well.

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