Microsoft Office Builds-Up Mouse, Trackpad Support for the iPadOS

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

On Monday, Microsoft Office reported that it has added mouse and trackpad support for the iPadOS version of Microsoft 360, including Word, MS. Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. The Company is, however, helping to make Apple’s iPad a little friendlier as a laptop replacement and making the iPads more well-rounded productivity machines.

Moreover, the experience will be homogeneous to anyone who has used Office on a Mac or a PC, as per Microsoft and the update has started delivering in a gradually manner and should reach all the users with a couple of weeks.

A mouse and trackpad can be manipulated with iPad for executing common tasks on the Microsoft 360 apps such as selecting a range of cells in Ms Excel, highlighting a passage of text in Word and moving and resizing graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint. In a blog post, the technology company ‘Microsoft Office’ interpreted that this streamline will help the iPad more adaptable and efficient in getting more work done.

Besides, the users can take advantage of Apple’s Magic keyboard for fluxional navigation and detailed adjustments. While operating a finger across the built-in or integrated trackpad of Magic Keyboard, the cursor modifies into the tool you needed depending on the content your pointer in on.

Microsoft Office Software was also adding new start screens and newly organized menus for Microsoft word, Ms. Excel and PowerPoint for iPad which was being done to provide a cleaner and more modern user experience. Mouse and trackpad support for the iPad will make the experience more desktop-like and could boost the productivity of users more efficiently through this feature.

In the coming few months, vigorous contextual menus, multiple document support in Microsoft excel and offline file support for cloud files are some of the ancillary updates that Microsoft Office has planned to introduce.

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