Microsoft Experimenting Cloud Computing Software for Healthcare Organizations

Cloud Computing Software

Cloud Computing Software

Cloud computing has been a revolution in the field of technology. In simple terms, cloud computing can be defined as utility-based service provided by a company over the internet and used by another company for making its work easier. Almost all the major tech players have jumped into the field of cloud computing, developing and providing services in various fields.

Tech giant Microsoft has been one of the leaders in this field — providing cloud services for general productivity. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it is in the process of developing cloud-based software which will be modified to address the demands of the healthcare organizations.

The tech giant is planning to club together all of its technologies to prepare a cloud software package which will be called “Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare”. This package will help the healthcare institutes to store, manage, and maintain patient data which will be generated via an interactive session with the patient.

Siting an example of the process, the tech giant explained that the patient will first be directed to the healthcare institute’s patient portal where he will be asked questions by a chat bot.

The chat bot will be programmed by Healthcare experts to be effective in getting the right information from the patient.

Based on the information the program will then connect the patient to an agent who after further examination can schedule an appointment with a virtual doctor. This interaction will keep storing the patient records and data over the cloud which will be available with the institute for future references with patients as and when required.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of enterprise and commercial industries, Deb Cupp in an interview with Reuters stated “We want to carry all that information through the health experience”. Microsoft is planning to provide the service as a free trial for a period of six months and is also planning to make more such industry-specific cloud software. Clearly the future of cloud technology seems to get bigger and better.

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