Marijuana Purchase Legalized In Michigan for Recreational Use



Marijuana is now legalized in Michigan for recreational use, announced by Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Residents of this state could start buying it legally from stores starting today, December 1. The age of the buyer should be 21 or above.

The rule starting today will now allow medical businesses to transfer 50% of their stock to the recreational market. However, all the merchants including growers and processors will require having a recreational license from the state to trade. The move is implemented to ensure that medical patients continue to have a sufficient supply of marijuana. Withstanding the law, any dispensaries having each product type in stock for beyond 30 days can be used for the recreational side of the business. Marijuana products such as flowers, vaping products, and edibles are likely to be available for trade. Marijuana flower, one of the best-selling products, has been in limited supply for months.

The rule doesn’t indicate that retailers can begin sale for recreational use on December 1. There are still a dozen licensees who would be eligible to sell their products for recreational use.

The approach would allow a smooth eligible business process for recreational use, a spokesperson of the Regulatory Agency said. Licensed businesses will be given training and instructions on how to transfer products properly so that they can be tracked easily.

Earlier this year, Marijuana Regulatory Agency said that the recreational market might need to start from scratch. The officials once hinted that the selling of products for recreational use could create a shortage in the market.

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