Huawei: Chinese Tech Giant Tweets, it will launch its Mate 40 Series on October 22nd

Chinese tech giant Huawei has tweeted that it will disclose its Mate 40 series of smartphones on October 22nd and the gadgets are likely to be the last of its smartphones to have Kirin chips in them.

Moreover, rumors suggest that Huawei will establish its Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro editions and it is expected that Mate 40 Pro series to have a 6.7-inch screen, along with the Mate 40 looming in at 6.5 inches. The prices of these Mate 40 devices could be around $1400 to $1500, says Android Authority.

It is expected that the foldable smartphone to feature the same screen size as its predecessor, a more well build processor the Kirin 9000 with upgraded cameras, and a stylus.

A statement by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business unit stated that “this year may be the last generation of Huawei Kirin high-end chips” owing to US trade restrictions. If we look at the past, In May 2019, the Trump administration placed Huawei and 114 of its affiliated on its Entity list which meant that the US firms were unable to sell tech to the company without explicit US government approval.

Besides, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, the (TSMC) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. in May, reportedly discontinued the orders for Huawei’s HiSilicon unit following the new US rule.

Also, Google was blocked from doing its business with Huawei, forbid from acquiring and android license and keeping the google apps off Huawei gadgets.

Reports say, the Huawei Chinese tech giant’s Mate 40 series may consist of three models and Mate X2 will not be arriving this year due to the limitations placed by the government of the US.

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