Benefits of Health and Fitness Apps for a Better Future

Health and Fitness Apps

Health and Fitness Apps

Fitness is an important aspect of life. But, having a massive goal ahead with a hectic schedule, almost every individual try to utilize most of their capacity to indulge in work activities and distribute the leftover time between family, sleep and digital indulgence, forgoing an important aspect of life. Most people take fitness as the easiest facet to neglect and end up surrounded by a plethora of health issues. While most people take fitness as the easiest facet to neglect and are facing a plethora of health issues, some are taking it as a serious health concern.

Living in a connected world and surrounded by a couple of things and works, it is hard to disconnect ourselves from the small devices that are nothing short of mini-computers. 80% of individuals walking on the street, irrespective of their age or background, own a smartphone and around 50% of the global population have more than a one smart device. While cutting oneself from technology is highly unlikely, investing it for the purpose of staying fit seems like a plan.

There are many apps available on Play Store serving various experiences and giving fitness goals to human. These apps help you from suggesting exercise routines to tracking the steps taken and water reminders. The fitness and health apps have become the go-to platform for millennia’s who are looking to lose or gain weight, build their muscle or stamina among others. Check out these digital trainers that can accompany you in your fitness voyage:

Google Fit

Unwilling to pay for gym or any health classes? This workout tracker by Google uses sensors in users’ mobile to record individual activities. Not only is the app easy to integrate with Android Wears, but it also works perfectly for home workouts. It tracks your speed, pace and route etc. real-time but also allows the users to set different goals.

Nike Training Club

Among the best free fitness apps available online, this workout app by Nike is placed at the top due to its three levels of difficulty. With a full range of focused exercises targeting the users’ abs, triceps and shoulders among other body parts, the app covers over 160 free workouts focused on strength, endurance or mobility.

Map My Fitness

As the name suggests, the app maps the users’ fitness and activities before calculating a feedback and measure stats to help them in improving their fitness and stamina. Not only does it provide audio feedback on every GPS-tracked workout, but it also covers over 600 different types of tracking activities including running, walking, yoga, gym workouts, etc.


While many find the fitness plans provided by their nutritionist more credible, Sworkit lets the users create their own fitness routine and the choice of workout. Even if you are missing the gym or yoga class, the custom workout option guides you through a variety of exercises and plans.


A paid app, Aaptiv has earned itself nearly 200,000 paying members due to its outstanding group fitness sessions. The audio-only app has more than 2,500 on-demand workouts which last as few as seven minutes, divided into 12 categories and led by 25 certified trainers with popular songs blasting in the background.


The best feature of this fitness platform is that it works offline too and requires no sign-ups and any kind of registration. The personalized app works for both cardio and resistance exercises and includes a calendar for workout planning.


The gym trainer and fitness tracker app provide free fitness programs to help you stay fit throughout your health journey and make progress out of your sessions. Apart from giving the customized workout option, it also helps the users in fitness tracking, setting a resting timer, workout logs etc.

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