Google’s Lighter Form Gmail Go is Now Available to all Android Users

Google has launched ‘GO’ variants of its most popular well-liked apps for lower-power devices. It has made ‘Gmail Go’ available on the Play store and it can be downloaded right now. However, Gmail Go looks pretty much like regular Gmail and comes with the same email experience as the fully developed Gmail app but it just doesn’t have some of the massive visual elements that are available on the main Gmail.

Moreover, Gmail Go is Google’s lighter version of the Gmail app and is preferably meant for smartphones. The company has extended the range of phones that can download and use the new Gmail Go app now. Some features such as Google Meet Integration is missing at the bottom of the screen, but all of the necessary and essential stuff is there.

Besides, the Gmail Go app comes up with features like multiple account support and 15GB of free storage. There is also a smart inbox that lets you focus on messages from friends and family first and the social and promotional emails are categorized away. You also get to see that the Gmail Go app also blocks spam before it hits your inbox.

Basically, the lighter Gmail Go app is meant to help out with RAM management problems so you have to take that into thought. The app is also moderately somewhat “cleaner” than that the heavier Gmail App as it doesn’t use “Shadows”.

Lastly, apps like Google Maps Go, Google go, Gallery go, Assistant go and YouTube go are also available and you can freely download them, but those are only and only available on Android Go phones.

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