Global Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 Positive Cases Increasing on A Large Scale



WHO announces the highest rise in the COVID-19 cases in a day, number of cases as many as New Zealand’s total population.

The COVID-19 pandemic is defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced till now. The global outbreak pandemic has led to disorder in work and livelihood of a majority of the modern world. The pandemic is moving like a wave, one that may yet crash on those least able to cope but the COVID-19 is much more than a health crisis.

Considering the impact of this pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday reported the largest rise in the number of coronavirus cases in a day which equals to the whole population of New Zealand.

The WHO said that nearly 1,06,662 coronavirus cases have reported to the united nation (UN) agency on Tuesday. It is most cases which are seen in a day since the coronavirus pandemic has erupted in the city of Wuhan.

According to WHO, chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was “very concerned” about the situation in low and middle-income nations as the number of cases crossed five million and the death rate reached to 3,25,000 globally.

The Fatality rate reaches to 93,400 in the United Nations (UN), which became the hardest-hit country in the world. Brazil, Russia and India are emerging as the new hotspots. A mystery Respiratory illness has reported by Local Media in China’s Wuhan and has given birth to the new reality in which social distancing is obligatory, masks are mandatory and visiting public places may be too dangerous.

Moreover, data analysed globally has suggested that the deadliest stage of the current phase may have passed. The recovery rate was 85.77% and the fatality rate was 14.23% on Wednesday. The hardest-hit countries as Italy and Spain have crossed the peaks and now moving back slowly to normalize the condition. Slowly reopening parks and allowing people to do exercise in open but officials still have forewarn for a second wave of this disease.

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