COVID-19: First Phase Vaccination Testing in Progress and Shows Positive Signs in the US

Vaccination Testing

Vaccination Testing

The coronavirus is considered to be the next big epidemic to cause a major threat to the humans and has been taking over the world. This corona pandemic has infected so many people around the globe as this virus is new and there is no vaccine as such and it could take several years for a vaccine to develop.

But coming as good news for the world ,the coronavirus first vaccine tested on the people of U.S. appears to be safe and shows a positive response against the coronavirus as said by Moderna in the US .The corona vaccine test was done on eight healthy volunteers and all those eight healthy people have recovered within four days, coming in contact with the coronavirus after injecting the corona vaccine.

However, the first phase for the vaccine test is done but the second and third trail is yet to be done and to be tested on healthy people. The second and third phase of corona vaccine trail will include more than 500 healthy volunteers.

The chief medical officer Tal Zaks of the firm’s said, “if the second and third series go well, then the corona vaccine will be available for all by the end of this year or early 2021. There hasn’t been any adverse side effect of the vaccine but the only side effects of the corona vaccine can include redness where the vaccine shot is given, headache, and slight fever.

All of these side effects of the vaccine will last for a day only. The high dose is being put an end to from future studies, not because of the side effects but because the lower doses of vaccine have appeared to work very well so that the high dose is not needed. Further, the chief medical officer Zaks said “Lower the dose, the more vaccine we will be able to make.”

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