‘Artemis Accords’ Is What NASA Offers for Moon Mission

Artemis Accords

Artemis Accords

NASA announces a new set of excellence which they have termed as ‘Artemis Accords’ on how to explore the moon. It is a crewed spaceflight program that is carried out by United States, NASA.

NASA’s Artemis Program will cost $35 billion and plans to return humans to the moon by 2024 and the main purpose is to crewed lunar exploration. The goal is to land “the woman first and the next man”.

In support of mining resources from the moon and other bodies, last month, the U.S president trump signed an executive order, proclaiming that it doesn’t discord with the outer space. Meanwhile, NASA with Artemis wants to “create a safe and transparent environment” via bilateral agreements by the side with its international partners.

The Trump administration and NASA wants to get several countries to agree with this way of utilizing space resources. The agreement says the spacecraft send by different countries to the moon should be registered and the provisions should make sure that Apollo landing sights would remain unharmed to keep the space junk levels down.

Meanwhile, Bridenstine says, countries like Canada and Japan are interested in this approach and on the other hand, country like Russia wasn’t gratified with this Artemis Accords. However, NASA is in the hope that other countries will be on the spot with the Artemis Accords.

The ultimate goal as said by Bridenstine is that, there will be reporting, transparency, registration and it will be on the surface of moon, as different territories are doing different things made in the same domain, that we can all operate in a transparent, very clear way to accomplish more. In addition to NASA said, adding that the ‘Artemis Accords’ reinforce that space resources extraction and its utilization can be conducted under the auspices of the outer space treaty.

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