ARM-Based MAC Processors might be the Next Upgrade Announcement from Apple at WWDC

Apple at WWDC

Apple at WWDC

Apple is expected to announce its shift from Intel chips to its own ARM-based chips, in Mac computers. The announcement may happen at the Cupertino giant’s yearly developer conference WWDC on June 22nd with an online-only format due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There have been various reports that suggested Apple’s probable move in switching to its own ARM-based processors in its mac, but a recent report states that the move was about to happen and that the first Mac powered by an ARM-based processor would arrive in 2021.

In addition to a CPU, there will also be a GPU and Neural Engine. The new processors are said to be based on the same technology used in chips designed by Apple for the iPhone and the iPad. However, Apple seems to want to give developers enough time before these Mac chips are out seeing that the architecture of these new chips is said to be different from that of Intel’s.

The ARM-based chips have shown “sizable improvements” over Intel chips in terms of apps using artificial intelligence and graphics performance. The chips are also said to be more power-efficient than their Intel counterparts. Also, the chips eventually are expected to make their way to the high-end Mac desktops too.

The main objective and master plan to develop its own chips for Mac reportedly begin when Intel’s annual chip performance gains slowed. Therefore, Apple engineers worried that sticking to Intel’s road map would delay some future Macs.

Besides, Apple announced a major processor move like this back at its 2005 developer conference, when Steve Jobs took to the stage to say that the company would be switching from PowerPC to Intel.

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