Amazon to Invest $2.8 Billion to Set-Up a New AWS Cloud Region in India



Amazon will be investing about $2.8 Billion to Build a New AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Region in the southern state of India. On Friday, the Telangana government announced that one of the largest cloud-computing platforms in the globe, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has come forward to put up several data centres in the state at an approximated investment of Rs.2.8 Billion.

In a press release, Amazon said, the new Amazon Web Services Asia Region will be Amazon’s second Infrastructure region in India and will enable even more developers, enterprises, and start-ups along with government, education, and non-profit organizations to run their applications and serve customers from data centers situated in India.

Moreover, Amazon Web Services is expected to start operations in Hyderabad by the middle of 2022 and would consist of multiple data centres in separate locations within a single region that are engineered to be operationally independent of one another with power, cooling, physical security, and connections through a low-latency network.

Additionally, the building of data centres in a region would expand the operations of sectors such as e-commerce, banking, and financial services, public sector and insurance (BFSI), IT

Furthermore, Hyderabad had recorded an excessive growth rate in the IT sector over the years and is home to many innovative start-ups, enterprises, and a skilled workforce, says KTR.

The American multinational technology conglomerate ‘Amazon’ formed a strategic alliance with Bharti Airtel, one of the largest telecom operations in India, and will sell Amazon Web Series ((AWS) to many of its users. Meanwhile, Microsoft today has three data center regions in India whereas google has only two.

According to the market research group IDC, a stake in India’s public cloud market is contemplated to be valued at $7 billion by 2024.

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